The Christmas at Granny's Experience

Christmas at Granny’s is an open house at The Virginia Cliffe Inn, the Clifton family’s home.   Crafters gather each year to display their handmade crafts in each room of the house. The Cliftons love opening their home up to the community to kick off the holiday season. 


Guests are invited to enjoy the holiday decorations, smells of the season, and to meet the crafters and the Clifton family.  Visitors will be handed a complimentary shopping bag for their purchases.

As you leave you will have the opportunity to visit our food area, and our enclosed heated pavilion and tent with vendors offering more items to make your holiday shopping a breeze. 

Handmade items are a historic tradition and show love and care in gift giving.  While enjoying the beauty of the house, guests will be invited to sample Granny’s Special Tea in the kitchen and baked goods from our local bakers. 

After you finish your visit, a central cashier at the exit will assist you with your purchases..  We take cash, checks and credit cards. If you see something you would like to order or personalize, let us know, many of our crafters take orders and deliver them to The Virginia Cliffe Inn.  


Payment Methods Accepted

Due to the risk of COVID19 we would prefer a cashless purchase, we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex and checks.